Hitachi Inverter Window (Compact)

Hitachi Inverter Window (Compact)

Product Details:

Eco Friendly

R410A is a globally accepted refrigerant that cools efficiently and does not contribute to ozone depletion.

High EER, Low Power Consumption

EER or Energy Efficiency Ratio is the standard industry index of the capability of an air conditioner to save on power. The Deluxe Air Conditioner features high EER which can give you longer cooling comfort while not necessarily consuming too much energy.

AION Filter for Cleaner and Healthier

Air The Deluxe Air Conditioner is equipped with an AION filter that effectively blocks out airborne bacteria and fungi so your family stays comfortable and healthy as well.

Auto-Sweep Design

Optimized design for air deflectors to extend cooling reach

Wireless Remote Control

Easy-to-use remote controller for stress-free cooling

Self-Diagnose Function

Troubleshoot your unit instantly on the spot

Hitachi Window Type Air Conditioner with Full DC Inverter Technology

In 10,600 kJ/h (1.0 HP). 13,000 kJ/h (1.5 HP) and 18,600 kJ/h (2.0 HP) configurations