Pioneer X-RSM410DVH

Product Details:

Powerful 150W RMS Subwoofer for Club Sound
The dynamic bass delivered by the 150W RMS Subwoofer offers enhanced bass sound reproduction.

DVD player with HDMI 1080p Upscaling
HDMI connection ensures lossless transmission of high-quality pictures and sound, as signals remain in a pure digital state. It can also upscale video signals from 480i/p to a maximum of 1080p HDMI output, allowing you to enjoy standard definition video sources in HD resolution.

Karaoke Function
Have fun singing karaoke at home! This model features mic volume and echo control. It is equipped with a mic input.

Music and Photo mix slideshow via USB playback
This unit allows you to enjoy your favorite music while sharing your photo from USB enlarged on your TV screen. Just connect the unit to your TV via HDMI or composite out to enjoy video and photos from USB.

This unit can play various sources, including DVD/CD, USB Memories, and radio. Music from digital audio players can also be enjoyed in quality audio via AUX input.